Thursday, August 9, 2012

CPH Pro Photos Baby!

I know I am late, as usual, BUT I did a photo blog on CPH Pro on The Berrics so I figured I'd post this later! Here are the photos that didn't make it onto The Berrics, there are a ton of goodies in here. I HEART CPH!! I can't wait to go back. Thanks to William from CPH and my good friend Hunter Muraira from Nike for making my trip possible, both of you are amazing individuals.

We went on a boat cruise our last day in CPH, these are just a few of the MANY who were present

Red and Bombshell are so fun to travel with! Love these two!

Braydon and Ali... buddies.

I hadn't seen Brian in yearssss, good to see him... Hi Austyn.

The Ice Bar in CPH was really rad. Freezing cold and very fun.

Grant and Gerwer

Cheers Red!

Alex caused quite a stir out in CPH, nice to have him out there with us

Chris looks insane here

This dude is so awesome

Ishod loved dancing with the native women of Denmark

Nice guy

Hi Mike... Hi Robbie

Mikal Howard is God's gift to this world and Nicoline is my favorite lady in all of Denmark

Kevin and Shane party time excellent

Mikey is one of the nicest people I know. So happy he was in CPH with everyone!

Me and Nyjah in Christiania 

I really like these people right here

Walker Ryan is so nice and Ryan is a champ

CPH royalty, Rune

Robbie and Pete!

Half Street League, Half Rock and Rollers

So Cal meets Nor Cal by way of Denmark



Too much beer at all times

Again, dudes and beers

I love these two!!

Zach Miller is a great guy

 Here's a photo I stole from TWS' site. Thanks for the photo Kevin!

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