Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thank you Street League Arizona!

Street League, yet again a rager of a weekend. First and foremost what must be stated is that Paul won, he is now a SL Champion, God bless that man. Secondly, this time, Arizona was definitely far more wild than last year. So much fun with all the friends congregating in the desert. Thank you Glendale, Arizona for accommodating the bunch of ruffians that we are. I hope we are allowed back next year. Aside from all of the faux bull riding in the bar, dance parties, bar crowd surfing, Lee DuPont half nudity, wet toilet paper bombing, room crashing, my iPhone screen shattering, P Rod finally winning, an 8 year old girl dancing excessively in her bathing suit, etc., it was overall a pretty mellow time. I tried to stay on point enough to shoot some photos this weekend, I hope you're all pleased with the outcome. This was no easy task. THANK YOU to Rob Dyrdek, Brian Atlas and everyone at Street League that made this weekend absolutely fantastic. Amen.

Me with the racks on racks that Tommy Guns received for being the dude with the best hair/stache combo at Street League from Zumiez.

Austyn and Paul the last night in AZ. Austyn had a flight at 8pm this night. This photo was taken at around Midnight. He's about that AZ life obviously. 


Ryan is one of the nicest people ever. Hi Ryan.

No idea what this conversation was about. Looks intense as you can see from Chuck's Blue Steel face.

Paul Rodriguez: The Champion of Street League AZ and Championer of the hearts of the American and foreign civilizations.

These three just soaking in that AZ lifestyle. Malto, Wair, Mo.

Mickey Reyes offered me a cookie, then offered me a toothbrush. He always makes sure I'm taken care of :)

Ishod is a really fun individual.

Dylan is really doing some great guerrilla marketing of his Instagram, kudos.

Chris Cole and Rob Dyrdek, moments before the finals began.


Just dudes being dudes. Simple as that. Austyn Gillette, Ishod Wair, & Ryan Sheckler.

My BFF Erik Bragg and Billy who thankfully took off his beanie for just enough time to snap a photo

Jackie Montgomery is the lovely in-arena hostess on the big screen and she does a heck of a job, give 'er a hand people.

It's funny that Ishod told me, "I have so many photos alone." Here he is, alone in a photo for you all to gawk at.

Kane Sheckler is the funniest kid ever. Happy early birthday Kane! He turns 13 on the 20th of July. Rob Brink and Austyn flirting in the background.

Lindsay Blue and Luan Olivera. South Orange County meets South America. 

Friday at Street League, congregation in the hotel lobby. Austyn, Ishod, and some broad.

This one speaks for itself.

Me, Talisha who is the resident bad ass chola and boss of Street League and Red who I love a whole lot.

Molly and I really enjoy drinking champagne together. It's our thang.

A blurry photo of Nyjah Huston and Tom Asta

Kenny Hoyle made a guest appearance out in AZ. Awesome. Shane O'Neill looks to be in good spirits as well.

I also heart Steve Chalme. He looks a lot like this "Scuba Steve" character I've been seeing around.

Paul, Ryan, Ishod, Photoshoot.

This man is one of the people I know is a pride and joy in my life: Wiggins

If you look closely, you'll see a legend known as Lee DuPont popping his head out in the back of this photograph. Hi Steezus Christ!

Shay loves Torey and Torey loves Shay.

Dudes Dudes Dudes. Sheckler, Cole, P Rod, Mike Mo, Mikey. Yay.

This is the 8 year old I mentioned in my opening paragraph. Erik is frightened of her as she challenges him to some sort of dance off. It didn't happen.

These broads got home safe and sound. Hi Brooklyn!


  1. Lol I was there at the pool Sunday night and u r right about that little girl being a stripper in training! What is this world coming too! Haha

  2. Your so lucky. I hope I'll be doing exactly what your doing in a couple years! Can't see myself doing anything else (:

  3. OMG me and Austyn caught flirting. Too funny.


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