Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This year's Halloween photos!

This Halloween I decided I would be Javier Bardem's character in No Country For Old Men, Anton Chigurh and Eric decided to be Daniel Day-Lewis' character in There Will Be Blood, Daniel Plainview. I was happy that he and I were the movie villain couple this year. Also, I made the cattle gun from the movie, which was pretty fun. Check out the photos...

Plainview and Chigurh

We used 1.5 liter soda bottles, about 6, cut off the bottoms of them and attached them with tape, paper mache'd the bottles together so that they would take to the spray paint better and let it dry overnight.

This is how it looked the next day. Also, I got the tubing at Lowes for super cheap and tied a knot and taped it in place on the inside of the top bottle so that it wouldn't go in and out of the bottles.


Taped off the bottom of the hose so it wouldn't get the silver spray paint on it and this is how it looked once spray painted. Also, I attached a dremel to the hose with a connector that fit perfectly and it looked pretty awesome, almost perfect if it had been completely silver.

Erin, Paul, Sarah, Erik Bragg's Kenny from South Park giant head he made, Matt, J.D., Eric and myself before going to the lil' shin-dig. Also, I had like an entire men's sz LG shirt tucked into my jeans, make my eyebrows 3X their size, dark reddish circles around my eyes and a pale face. Authenticity!

Robbie as Guy Fieri, Matt as Macho Man (he also handed out Sim Jims all night), Teen Wolf and Plainview.

Erik Bragg as Kenny and Sarah K as Slash


Paul looking awesome

James Hood was a very convincing Weird Al!

Nick P. was some scary dude whose chain saw worked. Bad idea.

Dali and Woody Harrelson in White Men Can't Jump hahaha


Snap into a Slim Jim!

Nate was Dr. Blake Downs from Childrens Hospital. Awesome.

Red Riding Hood and the WOLF

My homegirl J.A. showed up with two faces to the party

The next day we went to the Toy Machine Demo at Active Chino Hills and Catch (Billy's son) was dressed up as Chucky which I could not get enough of! Adorable.

For the Toy Machine Demo, Daniel, Eric and I all went as Billy Marks. Tattoos, beanies and mustaches. I think Billy was pleasantly surprised :)

And to end the blog post, one of the best men I know, a hero, Ed Templeton!

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