Friday, October 14, 2011

My Birthday Extravaganzas

My birthday just passed on September 30th and on that day a few of my good friends, my sister, my dude and I all went to Disneyland and were treated to a stay at the Grand Californian Hotel. Pretty fun stuff. The next day my ol' friend Billy Marks invited us to go to Universal Studios Halloween stuff for his birthday, which is the 29th, and we of course went! I am awful at updating my site so I figured this is a pretty good thing to post photos of. My birthday lasted 2 weeks since I also had a big group of friends hop in a 15 passenger rental van and go Wine Tasting in Temecula the following weekend. Such a fun birthday this year. I am lucky that I have all these great friends I got to spend my birthday with and treat me ever so nice. Until next year....

Mickey begged us to take a photo with him, we obliged

Minnie Mouse caramel apple, of course

KK being a little sweetie with a 7&7

FYT Crew


Daniel is a hard dude. Can't you tell?

Bug's Life 3-Dorks

We walked out of the Bug's Life show and one of the stars of the show landed on Daniel's finger

Thunder Mountain is funnier when you turn around and watch your friends the whole time

M Rod showed up for the festivities! It began to rain with the sun out for 15 minutes or so.

The Gals

Toy Story Midway Mania- I got my best score yet that day! I got a cat for my score, if you know what that means.

Me and KK ready to leave the hotel. Also, the hotel gave me a Birthday pin and I was told dozens of times Happy Birthday from the people working at Disneyland. I highly recommend it on your birthday.

Of course we ended the night with a pyramid in the hotel room all wearing matching towels!

Day 2 of Birthday fun- Me, Eric, Billy, Ashly, Daniel, Josh, Chuck and my BFF Erik

Universal Studios Halloween Haunt is actually super fun and scary. Chuck is hilarious. 

Dr. Erik T Bragg in the Rob Zombie haunted maze.

The Thing is one of my favorite movies and they had a The Thing inspired haunted maze. Rad.

If you've never been on The Simpsons Ride at Univ Studios, it's the craziest shit ever your first time. This was the second time we went on it that night. It's amazing.

The Thing Haunted Maze of course!

Dudes and a couple.

These kind of characters are everywhere and are "STRAIGHT CREEPY RAD!"

Hanks with a side of Bacon.

The whole crew on the Simpsons Ride. 

The following weekend we went wine tasting in Temecula! Here's the whole crew: Maggie, Eric, Brittany, Jenn, Steve, Paul, Me, Anita and Josh.

My babe and Josh. Wineing and Champagneing. 
The Gals.
Me and my sister Brittany and Josh's thumb. He needs a mani!

That's all she wrote.

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