Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Copenhagen Photo Bloggggg

I got back from Europe this late past Friday night and I finally got around to editing some of my photos from Copenhagen Pro. This year CPH was a mad house and was once again a fun time all around. There were a lot of different people out there at the contest this time around and it was rad to see CPH have their massive new skatepark open and hundreds of kids skating it. After Copenhagen, I went to Barcelona for the first time. It was beautiful and I will be posting photos from my Barcelona trip this week as well. Enjoy the Copenhagen photos and thanks to William with CPH Skatepark and FUELtv for sending me out to cover the event again this year. Can't wait for next year!

Spotlight's Brian Schaefer and Me with our fancy hats

The amazin' DVS crew with BS

Nick DomP, Braydon and some girl

Braydon shufflin'
Much more after the jump!

Jeff Pang and my good friend Jenna Clements

NeckFace duder

Mrs. Clements and The Who

Wieger really has the best hair

Langi the homie

Chris Pfanner, Grant Taylor and Braydon

Matt B and Burnout

Stefan is rad

The CPH Bowl Jam Invitational Winners

First, Second and Third Place skaters

CPH had a soccer festival, awesome

Dudes havin' fun!

Me and Chris who got 2nd

Langi and Arto the photographer

Columbian-American-Brazilian Mash-up

Burnin' cars n' what not

Winner's circle

Rode around for a day with my good friend Blair Alley and Braydon saw us off


Luan Wonnnnnn, again!

Tom Penny and Chris Miller, so rad.

My buddy Dylan Radloff is so awesome. Glad he was in CPH.

Tom Penny told me he is coming back to America real soon. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of him.

Made a new friend in Copenhahen, Nicoline, who is the sweetest doll!

Blair, Dan Shetron, and Nicoline on the bike ride around the city

Jamie Thomas skates cannons, we just sit on them for photos.

The Danish Royal Family lives here
CPH statues

Dan with the CPH Mermaid. It's a really lack-luster monument.

Blairica and the Mermaid

Royal Guards

Performing a symphony for sure

Weird movie-esque set we got to play around on


Nicoline lounging

You can knock on the walls and they are like a xylophone, musical walls.

 Beautiful Copenhagen

Last but not least a crackhead trying to walk a tight rope. Cool.

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