Sunday, July 10, 2011

Barcelona the Beautiful

Alright, one week ago, I was in Barcelona. Here are some the photos of the time I spent there. If you're looking for things that are skateboarding related, it's not in here; just my touristy photos and me posed in front of things that I think are lovely. I was lucky enough to have a couple friends staying in Bareclona for school right now and I flew from CPH to come stay with them for a week. Where I stayed was very close to the stadium where FC Barcelona plays, literally a stone's throw. Kind of bummed I didn't get to see them (Puyol is incredible) play, but they're not in season right now. I saw just about everything I wanted to see in the short amount of time I had there and I didn't realize that the dialect of the people of Barcelona was so different than Mexican Spanish. I couldn't understand or communicate very well, but I got by and I didn't get my purse jacked or pick-pocketed. The only thing about Barcelona I didn't like was the food haha. I really felt like my only options of food were things that were fried, ham, and an assortment of carbs. I like the ham and cheese part, just not for every meal. Not very fond of an array of carbs 24/7 either. Sangria on the other hand, bring it on.

One of the many Gaudi structures you'll be seeing in this post.

Casa Batlo

The roof of Casa Batlo

Arched Room at Casa Batlo

Exterior of Casa Batlo

The roof of another Gaudi designed building; Casa Milà

When in Barcelona.

Art deco at Sagrada Familia

Backside of Sagrada Familia. Can you spot the dude with the sword in one hand slaying a dude and a baby in the other hand? My favorite.

Art in the streets

Parc Guell, more Gaudi of course.

A beautiful view of Barcelona if you hike to the top of Parc Guell

Just me.

Pretty crazy that a lot of the city has been destroyed by it's own citizens. 
It's literally tent city in Las Ramblas.

Paint wherever you want bro!

Yeah, that's a treehouse.

Dali museum that showcased a lot of early art and sculptures.

Dali made a life-sized version of this small installation.

The best food I had there, note copious amounts of bread.

Give the man come credit, he's floating!

La Boqueria is really rad.

Found out there was fruit in this city far too late.

This used to be a bull fighting ring which was converted into a mall.

View of Montjuïc from the top of the mall.

My friends that let me stay with them in Barcelona. Thanks Nauzli and Herman!

They love Barcelona FC so much out there, they even have their own potato chips. 

Fake flower dude.
Thanks for looking :)

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