Thursday, October 3, 2013

Enjoi X Keep A Breast X Erica Yary Limited Edition Board - Available Now!

I am very excited to share with everyone this Limited Edition Enjoi X Erica Yary X Keep A Breast board that is available for purchase now online and in stores. Active has been a huge supporter of the cause and they have it available online now!! These boards are pretty darn rare and I am always psyched to be able to be a part of helping out Keep A Breast. Proceeds go to KAB and the artwork was done by the talented Todd Bratrud, who I am a huge fan of.

Additionally, there are going to be a couple contests online to win the board through Enjoi & Ride Channel. You can enter to win the board on Enjoi's Facebook page:

Another cool thing that is happening with the collaboration is that Todd Bratrud is going to be painting the breast cast that I had done and Keep A Breast will be auctioning it off for people to bid on, also benefitting KAB.


That's all I've got for now, but I want to thank everyone who has made this board happen at Enjoi, Todd Bratrud, KAB (Shaney & Kimmy), those of you who support the cause and thank you all for your support of me.

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