Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SXSW 2013 The Best Texan Times

This past week I went to Austin, Texas for my very first SXSW. I had been to Austin before, and loved it, but this time was especially fun and I can't wait to get back there ASAP. The Thrasher events were super fun, the streets were filled with music and we spent a lot of time on 6th Street with our friends that were in town for the shows. Kingman (my co-worker at Stance) and I also enjoyed a couple of the best meals of our lives out there. Check out the photos...

On the left is Colt Woody, the man who made my and Kingman's trip unforgettable. THANKS COLT!

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert, and two nerds. 

Ryan Kingman, sword wielder

Same crew, plus some guy from Las Vegas 

 You're beautiful Austin

Pals for lyfe. Daniel & Me. 

The best t-shirt. Too bad it was $200 or I would have bought it. 

Kingman with another weapon. 

A sleeping angel in the midst of the chaos.

The rest of these were shot on a disposable camera I brought with me out to TX...

Peter Stoddard. 1/2 of my favorite twins.

They are whole again. Peter and David Stoddard. BRIXTON Bros.

The Brixton Crew with a Kingman in the middle. 

My guys. Daniel Duarte & Mikal Howard.

Kingman and our housemate Penny

Peter and me. Yes, that is a big gulp sized beverage they serve at Shakespeare's. 

Stevan Johnson a man of hair.

Cheers fellas

Bob, Jake, and Peter

Sean Sexton, cool guy.

Adam and Kingman


Twinz. Jason Lee and Mee.

Jason and Mike. More Brixton Bros.

Dave and Kenny. Vegas pals.

Another photo of Penny, she is lovely.

These are a few photos that were on my disposable camera that I finished out in Austin...

David Loy Partying at a Damn Am Costa Mesa afterparty.

My roommate and pal, Katie Zeppenfeld

Bert Wootton, pre Damn Am party... end the photos Ryan Reyes, always the best. Also at the Damn Am party.

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