Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ontario Street League - Yet Another Success!!

This past weekend was Street League in Ontario. It was really different to have Street League in Southern California for a change this year and it was great to be where everyone has their friends and families as support at the event. I really don't have much to say about this past weekend other than the usual thanks to Rob and Brian and everyone who keeps these events going as well as they have been and for having me as a part of the events. Check out the photos, they aren't as good as other stops so I will do my best at the coming events to make sure you all get to see the behind the scenes a bit better than this one ;) Thanks to those of you who are here reading this and if you want to keep in touch, leave me a comment.

X Games post from next week's events to follow!!
Sean and Sam are All Stars

Tom came out on top!

Bastien is an amazing skateboarder, as you all know, but he is also a very talented guitar player

Billy and his Dad 'stache

Two winners right here: Blair and Brian

Sheckler, Braydon, Molly, Ishod and me, having a grand ol' time!

David Loy, duh.

P Rod, the Six Time Street League Champion, Manny and me - post event 


Hayden and Steve, two lovely fellas

Huf and Stance, together at last

KK, Danielle, Gemma, Talisa - They are all HOTTIES

Pete and one of my favorite ladies, Josie Ramondetta

Matt Miller made semis!

These two wonderful ladies are Michele and Circe. They are fantastic.
Partner in crime, Chris Pastras

Street League Finals

Last but not least, the "White Lion" himself, Tommy

Thanks to everyone who came out to Street League Ontario and those of you out there who watched and supported the event yet again. You are all beloved and we will see you in Glendale, Arizona!! If you see me please come say HELLO, I am friendly, promise!

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