Friday, May 25, 2012

Street League Kansas City 2012 in Photos

Street League Kansas City was as expected, the best time in a great city. Of course you know by now that Nyjah won his FIFTH stop total this past weekend. This time he won a cool $150K for his win. Wow. Must be nice! Congrats to him and all the guys who did well in the contest, as well to the new guys who are now a part of our traveling band known as Street League. I am not great at talking about stuff from the weekend, but I took a ton of photos of the debacle that went down. So here are those, for you, all, to enjoy. Thanks to Rob Dyrdek and Brian Atlas for everything. If you want to see more of my photos follow me on Twitter or Instagram!

 ESPN and Street League Palz and Partnerz

Scott and Billy, not awkward.

 Eric and Austyn. Eric spells his name right, Austyn does not.

Paul has a new way of doing deep lunges. Do not try this at home. 

I am fairly certain that I spend most of my time at SL's with these two fine gentleman: Paul & Chad

Talisa is a sweetie, Mike Mo is one, sometimes

The Boss and Commissioner

  I heart the Coles, I'm going to get adopted into the fam.


Jimmy and Nyjah, two days before Nyjah had $150K more in his bank account


Daniel is amazing 

Christian from Skateboarder Magazine obviously knows how to party KC styles

Don't know who this is, but I liked her shirt

Paul Mall

You know Steve knows how to party KC style

Tommy rips at life - bringing Chula everywhere he goes

I thought it would be funny to have Scott sign my arm after he was signing a bunch of his fans, turns out it was a paint pen. I scrubbed layers of my skin off later this day. 

Shoot that shirt cannon Sean!!

Apgar and Beasley

Steve was in good spirits, always nice to see.

Ryan Flynn is one of my favorites

Felix Koston and NickDiamond

Ian Berry looks pretty stoked for seeing some dude getting wheeled away in that ambulance because he was too drunk to survive. Cool shades Ian!

Ishod cleaned house out there

Lee is actually drinking champagne that Blair poured into his Bud Light bottle, this is one of the many reasons the world needs Lee.

The Pauls

Yeah, that's a girl dancing on the bar, it's KC baby! It's to be expected!

 Matt brought this flirty mask from home

This was a Kansas City Louis Vuitton wrapped car, why wouldn't it be

The Taylors and their unborn little lady in Jenn's belly :)

Paul Asta Cole

These two, Ryan and Don, are Gravis and Analog

Billy and Justin really love having their photo taken, can't you tell?

Red and I had an amazing time hanging together. I love this gal.

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