Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Street League Championship in Newark, NJ

Man oh man - this year with Street League has been such an amazing, ground-breaking and fun time! I am so thankful to have been a part of such a great crew and event. Every event was so exciting and the Championship was no different. While we were in NJ, Hurricane Irene was making its way to where we were in Newark so the event was pushed one day forward and was held on Saturday instead of Sunday. Luckily, it didn't affect attendance too badly and people came from far and wide to witness the first ever Street League Championship go down before their own eyes! Sean Malto came in first place and he is one of my favorite people as I've said many times before, so I was very happy and proud of Sean for being in that top spot. He won $200K which is the biggest purse in all of skateboarding history!! Amazing! Sean also won some serious bling which is awesome and also hilarious to see Sean with hundreds of diamonds all over his wrist and hand.

So, since Irene came to NJ we lost power at our hotel and Billy and Daniel had the bright idea of having a random costume party, so we did just that. I went as Lady GAGA in the Telephone Music Video, complete with beer cans in my hair. Kind of embarrassing, but whatever. Daniel was a Mummy turned Indiana Jones, Erik Bragg was a surfer, Billy was a lifeguard, Sarah K was a cat, etc etc etc. Check the photos to see all the costumes and event stuff for yourself. Thrasher even posted photos from the costume party! haha

One more HUGE THANK YOU to Rob Dyrdek and Brian Atlas for having me as a part of this amazing year of events. I couldn't be happier and I feel very fortunate, lucky, and blessed.

Rob presenting Sean with his 2011 SL Awards and Check! (My homegirl Brooklyn on the right)

Rob, Sean and the Street League Dime Squad girls: Brookyln, Gemma and Jenn!

Chris Cole won every Monster Best Trick Contest at SL this year!

Live Production Team Group Photo!
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Mandatory Wiggins Photo!!

Sarah K., Erik Bragg and Daniel Duarte - My bros for life!

Erik and Daniel - hangin' tough

Self Explanatory

Steve, Sean and Me - Saturday night after Sean won all that moneyyyy!

Paul, Michelle K (who RULES), Chaz and Brooklyn!

P Rod and Sheck Dog

Mike Mooooo, Steve and Malto - Bros!

Some serious arm wrestling matches went down. This is the only photo that I deemed appropriate. Craze hotel night! I think the staff couldn't wait to get rid of us!

I gave Billy corn-rows! He never looked better! ;)

On Sunday, while the power was out, we found one room where the lights worked in the hotel which was a staff room and turned it into a games and beer pong room we aptly named; The Lion's Den - This was a very fun day!

Here's part of the Costume Crew: Lifeguard, Wiz Khalifa, Ghost (in the back), Gaga, Mummy, Cat, and Surf Turkey

Costume Crew!

Mikey, Ryan and Mike Mo :)

Sarah the Cat and Me as a brunette Gaga

Mikey was given a bottle of champagne from Talisha because it was his birthday at midnight! 
Woo Woo!

This Shane's costume was Shane O'Neil hahaha

Hammake - Nerd and Cannon - Surfer!!!

To end the blog post, there's this gem!!

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