Friday, July 22, 2011

Third Stop: Glendale, AZ...

Last weekend was the second to last stop of 2011 Street League and once again Nyjah came through winning that huge first place check. It was super hot, as expected, out in AZ so I stayed indoors for all but about 20 minutes throughout the 4 days. I ended up doing a mini road trip with Billy and Chuck and drove back to CA with them. We bought a bunch of beef jerky and hot sauce, so clearly, I made the right decision. I didn't have the opportunity to take quite as many photos this time around since I was so busy, but here are some of the ones I have for y'all.

The girls came out to this stop! Talisa and Chanel... Chanel had a performance in Phoenix the night this was photo was taken.

 Ryan being a big brother. 

 Rob giving Nyjah his $150K check, again and again.

 Eric Koston was the first volunteer to break ground after the contest was over.

 Molly form Zumiez and Billy who did well in the contest once again!

 Chris won the Monster Energy Best Trick of the day as well as the Wonka Free Ride Best Trick contest. Chris is the best trick.

 Torey hosting the Press Conference after the contest.

 Hotel lobby bar.

Mike Carroll right before he told Nyjah he should buy everyone at the bar drinks and Nyjah replied, "I'm too young, should you just order and I give you the money?" Pretty funny. The free drinks on Nyjah didn't happen, if you were wondering. 

 Sean Malto is the best and won the Zumiez 24/7 Award. Rad.

 Mic is so awesome to be around and have around at these things. Also, he has the best contest coverage on Instagram hands down.

 Ryan and Luan at some bar where people were getting kicked out and having their faces pummeled by cops.

 Little Chanel and Me

 Brooklyn is a part of the dime squad and she is a sweetheart.

 Brooklyn and Yoon right before Yoon has his shirt torn up and J-Lo low cut. Yikes!

 Last things first - Chanel doin' her thang! 

We shall end this with Felix and Nick being Felix and Nick. 
See you at X Games....

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