Thursday, June 16, 2011

Street League Kansas City Photo Extroidinare!

I have so many photos from this past weekend that I could have several posts, but I won't. These are my favorite photos from Kansas City Street League that was an absolutely ripping weekend all around. Literally and figuratively; ripping. Kansas City seemed lovely from the little time and small amount of ground I covered. It's weird that I ate sushi twice there and didn't get to try any BBQ. Bummer! Next time I am out there I will hit one of the legendary BBQ spots, hopefully. It was amazing to see the arena, which was completely packed, full of people who were behind the skaters and behind the Kansas City sweetie himself, Sean Malto. As you probably know by now, Nyjah won, again. Also, ol' Billy won the Zumiez 24/7 Award, again. And Chris Cole won a large box of Nerds. Enjoy the photos and tell your friends and step-cousins to check them out as well.

Nick Diamond, Sam Smyth, Myself, J Dubs and Nyjah. I took out a dozen or so photos I shot of Sam who is epic is every photo.
 This time with Shane O'Neill who cool-guy'd the first photo.

Lots more photos after the jump!
Yoon and Nick Dompierre had no idea that two nights after this photo was taken, their lives would intersect at a crossroads known as a 'Stripper Pole'.

Chase Gabor and Yoon - Berrics Bros

Three beers and a little lady

Tyrone and Tommy Guns who is soooooo hilarious. Dude needs his own tv show. 

Me and Judge Matt Rod

Felix and Sam havin' a good ol' time

 Sunny Z., Colin and Dearth

Appleyard, moi, and Tommy in the rain.

 Kingman or BUST!

A seriously awesome crew of men that I admire and enjoy thoroughly. Thiebaud, Paul, Wiggins and Kingman. I think Jim was going for the 'Twins' - Danny DaVito thing here haha

 More awesome friends; J Stone, Chad, and Rob Brink

Cody from Monster is rad and happy here and Nick Dompierre is next level.

 The Kansas City man of the hour; Sean Malto.

 Nyjah with his check, what's new?

 Brock from the Berrics is so awesome, if it isn't apparent enough by the photo.

 Torey hosted the Press Conference and it was hilarious.

 Plan B-mates Sheckler and T-Puds. Hella Grizzly!

 Casey, Ryan, Torey and Tony, nice guys.

 Me and a black haired Big Cat.

 Cole, Sean and a girl who looks exactly like me.

 Sometimes when you party, you gotta get dirty. Never spill your drink.

 That chick on the right is not feelin' our good times haha

 I love this photo.

 Big Cat and Billy Markssssss


 I made Billy take his beanie off, FYI he's not bald or balding.

 Mikey flexin' on Bill.

 Not sure who any of these people are, sorry.

 Billy cheezin', with me and Sal.

 Ryan let me wear his platinum and diamond bling for the flight. I then stole it. I don't think he knows I still have it. Please don't tell him. ;)
Andrew Cannon shot a photo of our cheers on the plane. Good stuff.

 Andrew Cannon has a signed Shorty's poster he was bringing home with him.

Last photo of the trip including Mr. Dave Duncan at the Denver Airport layover.

That's All Folks!

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