Friday, May 13, 2011

My Seattle Street League Weekend

Seattle was fantastic. This trip was only my second time there and I am already looking forward to the next visit. If you live under a rock, Nyjah Huston won the first stop for the second year in a row. He won a ridiculous amount of money, again. My good friend Billy Marks won a pretty penny as well, so we all went out for a celebratory dinner in DT Seattle. You'll see the photos. So basically, these are just photos to document my weekend. Nothing all too fancy. I edited out 3/4 of the photos of Daniel Duarte, and still, I was left with dozens. Thanks for including me Street League crew! Super excited already for the next SL in Kansas City. Apparently Malto lives super close so I am going to egg his house. Don't tell him!

Here's a link to ESPN's LIVE Broadcast we did for the finals as well.

My ESPN Broadcast Team, minus Dyrdek. Sal Masekela, me, and Felix Arguelles. 

Nyjah got paid

Way more photos after the jump...

The final 6 on American Idol Street League.

Nyjah, his Momma, Rob D., and Monster Gal with a check for Nyjah.

Everyone with their Keep a Breast bracelets. Gotta love KAB!

Chase Gabor got a free Corona shirt with each Corona purchase, so he clothed most of the Seattle population.

Big Cat informed me only after this photo was taken that he is regularly haunted by ghosts, hence the ghost in the photo that he was not at all surprised by.

Me and my home-dude Daniel Duarte. Eyes Wide Shut.

Big Cat = Tug Life?

The Berrics crew. I love these fellas.

Matt Rod and Big Cat at a bar called Lo Fi.

Grant, like Braydon, is the life of the party. I never saw a dude twerk until I met Grant.

Grant all up in that azz.

The one and only, Colin Kennedy.

Koston, Amanda Z, and Chany J at the Diamond/HUF party.

Talisa Monet, Janae T., and yours truly.

Billy let me have his $7K that Zumiez gave him. Thanks Billy!

The crew at the dinner, celebrating Billy's job well done. 

Me, Tommy Guns and Tyrone from LRG who maybe had a zit or something cause he was not into showing his face in photos this night. ha! 

Tommy, Billy and Daniel soaking in the downtown sculptural scene. 

Sal Masekela and Chanel who is so cute and tiny. I heart her.

Other than the actual dog that was at the hotel party, Braydon was the life of the party. What's new? 

Don't ask Shane O'Neill if he's a robot, even if you mean it in a good way, he is not a robot, he cleared that up for me.

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  1. I've gotta say your one of the coolest chicks!! I've only watched weekend buzz with you in it and then decided I look yah up, very impressed your life is rad being a girl in the skate world :)


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